BaleDoneen® Method Patient Stories

Saving Lives and Hearts with Precision Medicine 

More than 50% of Americans carry gene variants that dramatically increase their risk for cardiovascular disease, However, their DNA doesn’t have to be their destiny. In our bestselling book, Beat the Heart Attack Gene, we empower patients by alerting them to potential cardiovascular “red flags” and offer personalized, genetically guided strategies to help them live well, without fear of heart attacks and strokes.

CVD claims more lives than all forms of cancer combined. Meet four of the many people we’ve helped beat the odds with the BaleDoneen® Method. 

A 44-year-old executive was so buff that we nicknamed him “Superman.” Our tests found the arterial equivalent of kryptonite: huge plaque deposits. Early detection and treatment helped this muscular “Man of Steel” avoid a heart attack or stroke, unlike his father who suffered both events at a young age.

After a 37-year-old dentist had a stroke, we identified a surprising culprit. Ironically, she had the disorder she specialized in treating: periodontal (gum) disease, which can triple heart attack and stroke risk. Improved dental care and other therapies have lifted the threat of another stroke.

A decade after triple-bypass surgery, a 60-year-old interventional cardiologist developed worrisome new symptoms. Genetic testing guided changes in his medications and a diet based on his DNA. Inspired by the success of our method, he switched his focus from intervention to prevention—as a BaleDoneen® specialist.

A 40-year-old mom was told that she had a less than 1% risk for having a heart attack within the next decade. Five months later, she had one. We traced the problem to previously undiagnosed insulin resistance—the root cause of 70% of heart attacks. Thanks to our personalized treatments, she recently celebrated 10 years of being heart-attack-and-worry free.