Complete Clinical Toolkit

Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention System For Profitable Practices and Healthy Patients

Program Overview

The Complete Clinical Toolkit is a comprehensive system for healthcare providers who are already trained in the leading-edge science of the BaleDoneen Method® and want to leverage it to take their practice to the next level of excellence and success in patient care, clinical outcomes and profitability.

The program offers full annual access to a wide array of customizable marketing and practice management tools, continually updated scientific resources and monthly coaching that includes case discussions with Bradley Bale, MD and Amy Doneen, DNP, ARNP. Think of it as a franchise agreement with a national brand for medical providers, using a proven method of heart attack, stroke and diabetes prevention that has been validated in multiple peer-reviewed studies.

Offered exclusively to graduates of our Preceptorship Course, this program guides you step-by-step through implementing the BaleDoneen Method in your existing practice, including onboarding your team. Also included are tools to enhance engagement with your current patients, attract new ones, and become a thought leader in your city, state or even nationally, while also networking with like-minded practitioners as part of the inner circle of the dynamic BaleDoneen Community.

The annual program provides three key areas of clinical practice support, each of which includes a rich array of valuable tools and resources:

  • Business Development & Marketing
  • Science & Education
  • Coaching & Implementation

Business Development & Marketing

To help you build and manage a thriving, profitable practice that delivers superior patient outcomes, our Complete Clinical Toolkit includes the following components. Values are based on the cost of each item if purchased separately.

  • Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention System and Forms. The key to healthier patients, a balanced lifestyle and a thriving practice is using the right time-tested internal systems. Professional, engaging patient communication that delivers ease for your staff and boosts patient compliance is invaluable. Having new patient intake forms to raise your patient conversion rate on the first phone call, lab forms and timeline checklists to keep the provider, staff and patients on target to gather the necessary materials prior to the patient’s office visit provides peace of mind and high efficiency. With the BaleDoneen health history form and comprehensive new patient onboarding materials, you will have all the written systems you need to serve more patients with less effort and more profit. ($7,000 value)
  • Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Monthly Patient Newsletter. Consistent and relevant communication is vital for retaining patients and keeping them engaged and focused on healthy behavior. However, creating compelling content can be time consuming. Dr. Doneen has mastered the successful formula for an enticing, reader-friendly style and content over the years. The monthly newsletter included with this program covers cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention and news, personal stories, heart-healthy recipes and more. Each month, you will be co-branded with BaleDoneen in a lively newsletter that helps distinguish you, the healthcare provider, as a regional expert, delivered as a customized PDF with your photo, logo and office address ready to distribute to your patients. ($14,400 value)

  • BaleDoneen Scientific Slide Deck Package for Speakers. Establishing your thought leadership through delivering medical/dental lectures and acquiring new patients through public talks helps you grow personally, professionally and financially. Updated annually by Drs. Doneen and Bale with new peer-reviewed scientific research, this high-quality slide deck will help showcase your expertise during speaking engagements and lectures, and is also valuable for patient education. Deemed priceless by those with access to it, this deck of professionally prepared slides and high-impact charts and graphics can be easily quantified as a $15,000 value.

  • Access to Monthly Scientific Update Webinars with Slide Decks. Being ahead of the printed science positions you as a national and regional expert. Each month. Drs. Doneen and Bale review, analyze and summarize key data points from an average of 10 new studies during their Scientific Update Webinars. You’ll also gain access to slide decks that would otherwise take hours to put together, a valuable asset for your own speaking engagements. ($12,000 annual value)

  • Inclusion in the “Find a Provider” directory on the BaleDoneen website. With 8,500 website visits, more than 125,000 page views, and 50 call-in requests per month, patients around the country are looking for local medical providers who offer the optimal care of the BaleDoneen Method. As an annual subscriber, you will get a featured listing on our online, interactive map-based directory as a BaleDoneen Preferred Provider. We will link your directory listing to your website to ensure maximum exposure and credibility. ($3,600 value)

  • Networking Opportunities. We are building collaborative, mutually profitable new relationships between specialists and between medical/dental providers in a variety of ways, including membership in our vibrant BaleDoneen community and through networking events that will be more fully described on the next page of this brochure. (Value: priceless)

  • BaleDoneen Preferred Provider Recognition Plaque. Having credibility and validation as a BaleDoneen Preferred Provider will enhance new patients’ trust in you as a practitioner. This will be delivered as a recognition plaque for your reception lobby. ($200 value)

Science & Education

Staying on top of the latest science–and knowing how to implement it into clinical practice–is crucial to attracting and retaining patients and commanding respect and referrals from colleagues as an expert in CVD prevention. Our toolkit includes:

  • Ongoing access to BaleDoneen Preceptorship training. For graduates of our Preceptorship Course, reviewing the continually updated course annually and educating your entire team is a must to stay sharp and ahead as a thought leader and practice owner. Each Toolkit subscriber gets one complementary access to the Preceptorship Course annually, plus access for up to 5 healthcare staff members at a discounted rate of $500 apiece. ($12,495 value)
  • Live Monthly Scientific Update Webinars and slide decks for your staff. Medical providers and staff who stay “ahead of print” by incorporating the latest medical advances in their practices gain the edge with patients and competitors. Not only is your access to these one-hour sessions led by Drs. Bale and Doneen included in the Toolkit program, but this resource is also available to up to 5 of your staff members. (5 access passes X $499 per staff member = $2,495 annual value)
  • BaleDoneen Method Annual Reunion. The annual reunion for Preceptorship graduates is an opportunity to learn the latest science, while connecting and networking with like-minded colleagues, which can lead to lucrative collaboration with other specialists, such as a medical-dental partnership. Includes your attendance plus half-price courtesy rates for to up to 5 of your staff. ($2,100 value)
  • Access to our Genetics CME Series and Other Online Courses. The future of precision medicine is now. This online genetics webcast series, approved by the American Academy of Family Physicians for up to 5 hours of CME/CE credit, teaches how to optimize heart attack and stroke prevention with newly available genetic tests to identify CV risks and guide treatment. Additional online courses will soon be available. ($399 value)
  • Gain access to our online review course for yourself and/or colleagues. An interdisciplinary healthcare team aligned in approach is vital to co-managing patients effectively. Help up to 5 healthcare providers (medical or dental) gain a basic understanding of our unique disease/inflammatory approach to cardiovascular disease by sharing access to our 8.5-hour online course. Through educating others, you’ll gain free promotion of yourself as a regional expert in CVD prevention. You can also use the course as an opportunity to refresh your own knowledge. (5 access passes X $399= $1,995 value)

Coaching & Implementation

  • One-Hour Interactive Monthly Group Discussions. Led by Dr. Bale or Dr. Doneen in alternating months, these sessions let you connect directly with the co-founders of the BaleDoneen Method for scientific consulting. This is an opportunity to discuss your most challenging or intriguing patient cases with Drs. Bale and Doneen, and interact with other providers. Attendees can guide the content by submitting their preferred discussion topics in advance, allowing this dedicated hour to be used for open discussion of new approaches to cardiovascular disease prevention or other clinical issues of their choice. ($6,000 value)
  • Business Development and Team-Training Video Library. In the convenience of your home or office, learn strategic thinking, marketing, patient conversion and retention, leadership, clinical practice management, staff motivation and alignment, finance and quality assurance from our videos as you scale your practice in a way that provides a balanced lifestyle for you as a clinician and increases profitability. We encourage you to share the videos with your entire team to insure that the office culture is focused on optimal cardiovascular wellness. ($2,500 value)

The Investment

The total value of this annual program would be more than $80,000 if each of the components were purchased separately. However, the cost is much lower with our annual subscription, offered exclusively to graduates of our preceptorship course.

Affordable payment plans are available. For program costs or more information, contact Carol McQuaid, Events Program Director, BaleDoneen Method, at 509.885.0054 or