Carol McQuaid

Director of Marketing and Events, BaleDoneen Method

a: 507 S Washington St, #170 | Spokane, WA 99204
p: 866.217.9272

Carol McQuaid’s mission — and passion— is to save lives, hearts and brains by educating medical and dental providers about the BaleDoneen Method for the prevention of heart attack, stroke and diabetes. “I love teaching and helping people,” says Carol, a former schoolteacher with a degree in education.

Prior to joining the BaleDoneen Method as director of marketing and events, Carol worked as regional account manager at CHOICE Advisory Services, an organization that provides personalized referrals for senior care, senior housing and at-home care services by matching the needs of her clients to the best resources in their area. In that role, her focus was empowering older adults and their families with the knowledge they needed to make informed decisions.

One factor that attracted her to the BaleDoneen Method is its precision-medicine approach in which all treatments are personalized, including a diet based on the patient’s DNA and other genetically guided therapies. Two recent peer-reviewed studies have shown that this evidence-based approach can prevent, stabilize and reverse cardiovascular disease, the leading killer of Americans.

In a earlier job as membership development and services representative at the Spokane Club, Carol handled a range of responsibilities, including collaborating with the marketing department to create new programs, messages, campaigns and offerings. The 125-year-old social club has long focused on the fitness lifestyle, with many world-class athletes training there, and offers a variety of wellness services, including physical therapy, sports, massage therapy and nutritional counseling.

At the BaleDoneen Method, Carol also helps develop and implement new programs and events, including the following:

  1. The BDM Preceptorship Course. Approved for up to 17.5 CME/CE credits, this intensive two-day course uses a continuously updated interactive format to teach clinicians the necessary measures to prevent heart attacks, ischemic strokes and type 2 diabetes, Offered in major cities across the U.S. twice a year, the course has helped hundreds of medical and dental providers take their practices to the next level of excellent in clinical outcomes, patient care and profitability with optimal, evidence-based care.
  2. The Complete Clinical Toolkit, This comprehensive system for healthcare providers who are already trained in the leading-edge science of the BaleDoneen Method offers full access to a wide array of customizable marketing and practice management tools, continually updated scientific resources and monthly coaching that includes case discussions with Bradley Bale, MD and Amy Doneen, DNP. Also included are tools to enhance engagement with current patients, attract new ones, and become a tlocal, regional or even national hought leader, while also networking with like-minded practitioners as part of the inner circle of the dynamic BaleDoneen Community.
  3. The BaleDoneen Method Dental Endorsement. The BDM Dental Endorsement recognizes and honors the potentially life-saving role that dental providers can play in heart-attack-and-stroke prevention. Our endorsement is offered exclusively to dentists and dental hygienists who share the BDM’s passion for prevention and use it n their practice to optimize their patients’ oral arterial wellness.

Fueling Carol’s passion for helping spread the wonderful news that all heart attacks and strokes are potentially preventable is the feedback she receives from practitioners of the BDM. One of her favorite testimonials came from Kelly Robinson, DDS, who said, “I can’t imagine practicing dentistry without the education of BaleDoneen Method.  I tell my team, ‘It’s a good day to save a smile … it’s a great day to save a life!’ ”