Online Oral and Arterial Wellness Course

A Guarantee of Arterial Wellness: Critical Role of Oral Health

Part One: Are you and or your patients at risk for arterial disease?

This section will discuss the global impact of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and the issue of focusing so much attention on end-stage CVD. Students will become familiar with many common non-CVD conditions which are strongly associated with increased heart attack and stroke risk. They will also learn many easily observed physical signs of increased CVD risk. Knowledge about these conditions and physical signs will enhance recognition of patients needing further CVD assessment. Perhaps more importantly, many attendees will realize they may have some jeopardy for heart attack and stroke risk. This knowledge may prompt a thorough CVD assessment which may prove vital for the student’s well-being. Significant healthcare savings from treating periodontal disease will also be discussed.



Part Two: Basics of the Bale/Doneen Method- A Guarantee for Arterial Wellness.

This course will discuss the technology and knowledge that allows for a guarantee of arterial wellness. Students will appreciate the fact that the vast majority of CV events arise from arterial disease that is asymptomatic and non- obstructing. They will realize it is a thrombosis that obstructs the flow of blood. Attendees will comprehend the value of assessing for subclinical atherosclerosis. Students will be able to articulate from a scientific standpoint that inflammation is the cause of arterial disease. Members of the audience will understand the basic elements of the Bale/Doneen Method. They will recognize this method can halt and stabilize arterial disease. Attendees will be in a position to incorporate what they have learned into a program to enhance their arterial wellness, as well as their patients’.


Part Three: The Oral-Systemic Connection to Arterial Wellness.

Oral health will be discussed as a critical element in guaranteeing arterial wellness. Students will learn it is the particular pathogens involved in periodontal disease that generate the CV risk. Due to this, the definition of periodontal disease must include the pathogen burden as well as the clinical signs. Attendees will recognize numerous mechanisms by which oral pathogens can generate arterial inflammation. The student will comprehend the importance of endodontic infection in triggering heart attacks. Attendees will understand the sophisticated clinical tools available to objectively report pathogen burden and to more accurately identify endodontic disease.

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BaleDoneen Method® Online Oral and Arterial Wellness Course.

A Guarantee of Arterial Wellness: Critical Role of Oral Health
by Bradley Bale, MD and Amy Doneen, DNP, ARNP

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