BaleDoneen At-Home Lab Testing

The BaleDoneen Method utilizes genetic and essential lab testing to understand, treat and monitor your arterial health. This testing is available to be completed in the comfort of your own home – today!

Essential Labs

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The BaleDoneen Method is founded on arterial inflammation and arterial disease management. Whether someone is new to the method or established as an existing patient, it is critical to evaluate and/or monitor the arterial inflammation. The Essential Panel allows for the ability to assess your inflammation – providing insight into the common question: “Am I ok?” Additionally, this panel also evaluates two common risk factors – cholesterol and sugar levels. This essential panel of tests include: Cholesterol panel, Apo B, sugars and inflammation. Your BaleDoneen Provider will guide you through the lab testing. Based on your individualized treatment plan, additional tests may be recommended. We will continue to add additional tests to these “at home” offerings as they become available.



Genetic Labs

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Understanding your genetic profile for cardiovascular risk allows for a precision-based treatment program, specific to your individual needs. More than 50% of Americans carry one or more gene variants that dramatically increase risk for heart attacks and strokes. It is important to know your genetic profile so your treatment program can be specific to your needs. It just might save your life! This comprehensive lab panel will test for (5) key variants. These are identified and explained below.

9P21                  – Find out more – View Documentation – Watch Video

APOE                – Find out more – View DocumentationWatch Video

Haptaglobin      – Find out more – View DocumentationWatch Video

KIF6                  – Find out more – View DocumentationWatch Video

4Q25                  – Find out more – View DocumentationWatch Video