The BaleDoneen CEO – Continued Engagement Opportunity Program for Clinicians

Program Overview

The BaleDoneen Method<sup>®</sup> is designed to improve and save patients’ lives and is being used on a global basis to prevent heart attacks, ischemic strokes and type 2 diabetes. We have taught it to hundreds of medical and dental providers in our 2-d intensive Preceptorship Course to advance our mission of eradicating cardiovascular disease as the no. 1 killer by 2020.

We now offer two new programs to help Preceptorship graduates deliver optimal preventive care, stay current with the latest peer-reviewed science, connect with like-minded colleagues, and gain the knowledge and support you need to fully integrate our dynamic, evidence-based method in your existing medical or dental practices.

If you haven’t yet taken our interactive, continuously updated BaleDoneen Method Preceptorship Course, which is approved by the American Academy of Family Physicians for up to 17.5 prescribed credit hours, click here to learn more

Level One: CEO -Continued Engagement Opportunity

This program is perfect for Preceptorship graduates who are excited about taking a new preventive direction and want to learn more at their own pace, while being active in our Healthy Hearts, Healthy Practices Provider Community. Your CEO Subscription includes:

Monthly subscription: $150. One year paid in full, $1,500 (a savings of $300).

Level Two: CPRCash in Your Pocket Right Now

This program is for Preceptorship graduates who are ready to fully implement the proprietary BaleDoneen Method, allowing you to practice the way you have dreamt, while getting paid fairly for the priceless care you provide. All benefits of the CEO level are included PLUS our new plug & play business practice model for creating a successful heart attack and stroke prevention center.

Ongoing case-sharing support and direct coaching by Drs. Bale and Doneen are available to help you take CVD prevention and optimal patient care to the next level of excellence. To learn more, click here