Online BaleDoneen Course

A message from Brad and Amy

We are proud to introduce our 8.5 hour Online course!

We created an online course to increase access to the BaleDoneen Method®. This will allow all healthcare providers (both medical and dental) to learn about the BaleDoneen Method conveniently at home or in their office and gain a basic understanding of our disease/inflammatory approach to cardiovascular disease prevention. It also provides those who have been to our live course the opportunity to refresh their knowledge.

There are 21 video tutorials to view. After viewing, there is a fifty question exam requiring an 85% correct response to pass and receive a certificate of completion. Titles of the available videos are as follows:


05 (1) Root Causes09 Treatment Statins
Course Summary05 (2) Root Causes10 Treatment-ACE-1
01 Red Flags05 (3) Root Causes11 Treatment Antiplatelet
02 (1) Event Reality06 Optimal Goal12 Treatment Niacin
02 (2) Event Reality07 Genetic13 Treatment Insulin Resistance
03 Disease vs Risk08 (1) Treatment lifestyle14 Treatment Supplements
04 Fire Inflammation08 (2) Treatment lifestyle

15 Clinical Application

BaleDoneen Method – 8.5 hour Online Course
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Content: 21 video tutorials to view. A 50 question exam at end requiring 85% correct response to pass. You have two chances to take and pass the test.

Participants: All health care providers, including medical, dental, and anyone interested in gaining an overview understanding of the BaleDoneen Method.

Your Price: $399 ~ Purchased through Digital Chalk, after you log into the site.