The BaleDoneen Preceptorship – Full Online Course (16 hrs CE/CME)

The BaleDoneen Preceptorship online course will teach health care providers necessary measures to prevent heart attacks, ischemic strokes and type 2 diabetes. This intensive full online presentation uses an interactive format for CV prevention. Continually updated literature and sound, measurable, evidence-based science and peer-reviewed journals are utilized in this dynamic method of prevention that applies research directly to the clinical setting.

You will complete videos to learn the six basic elements to the BaleDoneen Method which include:

  • Education of the patient
  • Disease evaluation
  • Fire/Inflammation
  • Root causes of disease
  • Optimal goals to minimize risk
  • Genetics

The BaleDoneen Method challenges the current standard of care by proposing a disease treatment paradigm rather than a risk factor paradigm. The disease treatment paradigm is founded on the discovery of whether plaque is present in the arterial bed, which indicates that the patient is at risk for heart attack, ischemic stroke or diabetes and must be properly treated. The BaleDoneen Method operates on the presumption that these three health care issues are preventable.

There are 21 video tutorials to view. Titles of the available videos are as follows:

01) Introduction

08) Root Causes 15) RAAS System Treatment
02) Red Flags 09) Periodontal Disease 16) Oral Disease
03) Event Reality 10) Optimal Goals 17) Antiplatelet
04) Disease vs Risk 11) Genetics 18) Treatment – Niacin
05) Inflammatory Markers 12) Lifestyle pt. 1 19) Insulin Resistance Therapy
06) Insulin Resistance 13) Lifestyle pt. 2 20) Psychosocial Treatment & Vaccines
07) Lipoproteins 14) Statin Therapy

21) Case Study & Wrap-up

You will return to your practice with the clinical tools to assist in implementing the optimal care and CVD prevention method. We welcome all medical providers (MD, DO, NP, PA, PharmD, etc.) as well as all dental providers who are interested in patient wellness, the prevention of heart attacks, ischemic strokes and diabetes. The BaleDoneen Method® was co-founded by Bradley Bale, MD and Amy Doneen, DNP, ARNP, for the prevention of heart attacks, ischemic strokes and diabetes. The BaleDoneen Method is designed to improve and save lives and is being integrated into practice by medical and dental providers on a global basis.

BaleDoneen Method – 16 hour Full Online Preceptorship Course
Available anytime (CE/CME available)

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Participants: All health care providers, including medical, dental, and anyone interested in gaining an overview understanding of the BaleDoneen Method.