BaleDoneen® Programs for Clinicians


Since 2008, Bradley Bale, MD and Dr. Amy Doneen, DNP, ARNP have offered a guarantee that patients treated at their clinics—the Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center (HASPC) in Spokane, Washington and the Heart Attack, Stroke and Diabetes Center at the Grace Clinic in Lubbock, Texas—will not suffer a heart attack or stroke while under their care.*

Two recent peer-reviewed studies have shown that the BaleDoneen Method®  can halt or reverse cardiovascular disease (CVD) in a cohort of our patients. Our comprehensive, science-based prevention plan is based on the treating the entire person, not just his or her CVD.

We now offer three programs to help clinicians integrate the BaleDoneen Method into their existing medical or dental practice and discover how delivering optimal preventive care can lead to these delightful benefits:

  • Healthier Patients, Living Without Fear of a Heart Attack or Stroke
  • Thriving, Profitable Medical and Dental Practices
  • Balanced, Enriching Lifestyles for Clinicians

Our Educational and Practice Management Programs for Healthcare Practitioners

  1. The BaleDoneen Preceptorship Course. Our intensive 2-day course teaches the necessary measures to prevent heart attacks, ischemic strokes and type 2 diabetes. Offered twice a year, the Preceptorship Course is approved by the American Academy of Family Physicians for up to 17.5 prescribed credit hours. To learn more, click here.
  1. BaleDoneen CEO – Continued Engagement Opportunity. For Preceptorship graduates who want to remain actively involved in our Healthy Hearts, Healthy Practices Provider Community, this program includes access to our 8.5 hour BaleDoneen Method Online Course, our Monthly Scientific Update Webinars, the BaleDoneen Annual Reunion Course, inclusion in our Online Provider Directory, and the opportunity to join our Speakers Bureau. To learn more, click here.
  1. The BaleDoneen Practice Plug & Play Business Model. Gain access to online tutorials and tools that offer a step-by-step roadmap to successfully integrating the scientifically proven Bale Doneen Method into your existing medical or dental practice. Ongoing case-sharing support and direct coaching by Drs. Bale and Doneen are available to help you take prevention and optimal patient care to the next level of excellence. All benefits of the CEO program are also included. To learn more, click here.

*This guarantee, offered ONLY to patients of Dr. Bale and Dr. Doneen at their clinics, states that if one of their patients suffers a heart attack or stroke while under their care, he or she will receive a refund of 100% of the fees paid to Drs. Bale or Doneen during the year. The guarantee does NOT apply to patients of any other provider.