BaleDoneen Method Statement in Response for the “Root Cause” Documentary

We appreciate a recent Netflix video that references the BaleDoneen Method as the premier cardiovascular prevention program in the country. However, our teachings about oral health, specifically root canals, were misrepresented. Therefore, the following clarification is warranted.

The BaleDoneen Method for the prevention of heart attacks and strokes places oral-systemic health on a platform of high importance. Our recent paper published in the peer-reviewed journal, Postgraduate Medicine, states that high-risk periodontal pathogens are a contributory cause of atherosclerotic inflammation. Our view on endodontic disease reflects the work of Dr. Pessi: Endodontic lesions can potentially harbor silent infections.

We advocate that our cardiovascular prevention patients be evaluated for the presence of high-risk periodontal pathogens using DNA analysis. We further recommend that all root canals be evaluated using 3D imaging to insure no hidden infectious process goes undetected and untreated.

We work in partnership with the oral health specialists – dentist and hygienist–to advocate for optimal treatment, as deemed appropriate by the patient’s dental provider. We take NO position for or against endodontic treatment or specific periodontal treatment. Our job as medical providers for CV prevention is to highlight the importance of a comprehensive oral assessment for periodontal or endodontic infections, while relying on our dental colleagues to optimally treat the patients if such infections are found.

Thank you for your interest and support of the BaleDoneen Method, which is dedicated to bridging the gap between medicine and dentistry to help our patients achieve optimal oral-systemic wellness. We respect and honor the role of both medical and dental providers as potentially life-saving members of a patient’s heart attack and stroke prevention team.

Yours in heart health,

Bradley Bale, MD and Amy Doneen, DNP