BaleDoneen Preceptorship Scholarship 2020 Honoring Gary Duval Scholarship Details

The 2020 BaleDoneen Scholarship is in honor of Gary Duval. Gary’s story is tragic and yet all too common. We commemorate Gary for the wonderful man he was and the lovely memories that remain in the hearts of his family and friends! As his wife, Cris states, Gary may still be with us had he engaged with the BaleDoneen Method.

Gary’s cardiovascular story began in 2010 when he had a stent placed in Seattle. It was in 2011 that I heard Amy at Millennium in Lake Chelan. I scheduled both of us for appointments with Amy. Gary decided at the last moment not to go because he felt he was getting great care with his traditional cardiologist. He felt it was a waste of money to redo what the cardiologist was doing. If he only had known the difference!  I am certain he would be alive today...and healthy using the BDM. I have made an evaluation with Amy available to 30 of my immediate family to prevent my family from going thru what Ryan, Jen, and our precious grandchildren went thru.

Cris aims to use this platform to promote optimal health through the BaleDoneen Method for the prevention of heart attacks, strokes, type 2 diabetes and a number of other chronic diseases. This scholarship includes the tuition ($2500) of the BaleDoneen Preceptorship Program for one candidate selected in 2020. Transportation and lodging are not included. The BaleDoneen Scholarship 2020 honoring Gary Duval is for an oral health provider who wishes to advance his or her understanding of the oral/systemic connection through the lens of CV Prevention.


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