Welcome to the BaleDoneen Method


Here is what medical and dental providers say after being trained in our method:

“Throw out what you learned in medical school and start over withthe BaleDoneen Method. A must for every primary care physician.”Bryan Glick, DO (Arizona)
“This was a moving, motivating session. I believe it will help me save lives and deliver medical care second to none.”Randy Baggesen, MD (Virginia)
“I am pleased to have found people who are as interested in atherosclerosis and have figured it out. They have stayed on top of the scientific developments and are able to integrate it together in a way that I can bring it directly to my practice.”Stanley Sharp, MD (Kansas)
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Every 43 seconds, someone in the U.S. has a heart attack and every four minutes, an American dies from a stroke. Very often people who suffer these events were previously unaware that they had cardiovascular disease (CVD), the leading killer of men and women. The BaleDoneen Method offers a unique, comprehensive and science-based approach to detecting, preventing and treating CVD that has been shown in two peer-reviewed studies to halt or reverse the disease and prevent heart attacks and strokes.

How do we achieve these results? Unlike standard care, which is based on checking patients for certain CVD risk factors, the BaleDoneen Method also uses advanced lab tests and imaging to directly check each patient for hidden signs of arterial disease. If plaque is found in the arteries, the person is at risk for a heart attack or an ischemic stroke – and needs optimal care advised by the BaleDoneen Method, which is practiced by hundreds of medical and dental providers worldwide.