8-Year Outcomes of a Program for Early Prevention of Cardiovascular Events

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A Growth-Curve Analysis

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of mortality in developed countries. Atherogenesis and, subsequently, atherosclerosis are cardiovascular (CV) processes that lead to most of these mortalities.1 Two leading factors that are thought to facilitate progression are oxidative stress and inflammation2; both are important in the pathogenesis of atherosclerotic changes.3Y5 Prevention of progression of these processes is at the center of the management of CVD. A hallmark in prevention is identification of biomarkers (eg, hemoglobin A1c [HgbA1C], low-density lipoprotein [LDL], plaque burden score [PBS], and intima-media thickness [IMT]) early in disease6 so that comprehensive and intensive management may be instituted to ameliorate the progression of the process.

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