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Growth Mindset Dental Consultants is a dental practice management company deeply rooted in team development, oral systemic health, biological dentistry, and the BaleDoneen Method.  Our patients are their healthiest when ALL of these methods are combined.  Our training will ensure that you are an expert in not only oral systemic medicine, but biological dentistry as well.  Incorporating new processes and procedures can be a daunting task if done incorrectly.  We take the guesswork out of what works.  Our packages are designed for team retention, to provide superior education, and facilitate collaboration between dental and healthcare practitioners, both traditional and functional, while maximizing profitability.  We give you every possible tool you need for each member of your team (front office, assistants, hygienists and doctors) to implement oral-systemic and biologic philosophies into your practice.  We are the ultimate concierge practice management company you need to take your practice to new heights of success and awareness.  After years of practicing in successful oral systemic dental practices, we know the secrets to success, and the smoothest means of implementation .  As a team, we live and breathe oral systemic health, biological dentistry and team development and can’t wait to share our knowledge with you.  Are you ready to take the leap and begin building your dream?

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The HR5 High Risk Pathogen Test, developed by Direct Diagnostics in partnership with the founder of DNA-PCR testing within oral medicine, represents the latest in diagnostic technology that delivers an inexpensive, highly accurate, and beyond-easy saliva test targeting the five high risk bacterial pathogens Aa, Pg, Tf, Td, and Fn. Our mission is to provide general medicine and oral medicine clinicians an affordable and efficient screening and diagnostic platform to test, treat, and educate patients on periodontal infections and the now proven Oral-Systemic Health connection.

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The PDS® business model enables owner dentists to lead their own clinical practice and make their own treatment decisions, while PDS team members provide the support to manage everything on the business end. The result is top-notch care that leads to healthier, happier patients.

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When you call TRG Coaching, a coach will conduct a brief telephone interview to establish your most immediate needs. During that conversation, a date will be set for a coach to spend a day in your practice fully evaluating the practice history, examining how your office functions from scheduling to hygiene, enrollment to marketing, and financial management to profitability.

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Intentional Hygiene offers dental and healthcare providers education on how to implement oral and systemic protocols into their program. Utilizing the experience of having been the Dental Program Director for the BaleDoneen Method, attending numerous preceptorships, and working with many directors at the Seattle Study Club solidified Kriston’s passion for coaching and educating healthcare providers on their role in today’s integrated healthcare system.

By combining Kriston’s own personal first-hand experience, with her expertise, Intentional Hygiene delivers compelling and relatable presentations for conferences, on-line events, interviews, panels, meetings, retreats, workshops, and seminars that have been met with rave reviews and can be adapted to suit your venue and audience.

Intentional Hygiene
Kriston Reisnour RDH BSDH CCSH CSOM Integrated Healthcare Specialist
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A New You Oral Health Partners, LLC 

Company founders; Dr. Nilo Hernandez & Dr. John Poovey 

We are a company for dentists based on memberships to bring to the dentist community a synergy between education, vendors and savings on the everyday practice building solutions.  

In other words, we are and have been creating a one stop source for all things dentistry. The dentists will get the very finest access to education and training. Receive countless benefits in cost savings on things like medical billing, merchant services, advertising and marketing, patient financing options, website creation and marketing, supplies and equipment. Many other items available to them as far as benefits.  

The educational platform is such that dentists will embark on a structured program of evolving courses designed to create a pathway to receive the specialist status by the American Dental Association and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists 

This particular educational path has a very important medical component, and this is where the BaleDoneen Method has its real value to our members. First, the members that are not familiar with the BDM system, will be advised of it at every meeting, zoom or live event. Secondly, with the help of an A.N.Y. employee, we will be creating an implementation program for staff, dentists and hygienist on several dental office programs. One of these programs will be the BDM implementation assistance program.  

I believe that together as an organization in teaming up our efforts, we can get the word out about to the medical and dental community that it would be prudent to their patient’s lives to look at what we both have out together.  

A New You is not charging their vendor partners to participate and for the exclusivity. We are however requesting that in order for the partnership to continue and thrive, a concerted effort is placed by the vendor to encourage their membership database to join our A New You cause.

Visit: www.ANewYou.Global for more information.