What is AHAforLife?

Program Description:

In 2019, BaleDoneen developed an education program titled: AHAforLife (Arterial Health Assurance for Life) that provides patients with easy to understand educational modules regarding the BaleDoneen Method.

Why was the program created?

The program was created with you – the patient in mind.  Since so much of our focus in the past has been on educating the provider, we felt that a program created for the patient would bring huge benefits – and we were right!

The objectives of the program are as follows:

  • Easily and effectively introduce the BaleDoneen Method
  • Present the material in an engaging and easy-to-understand approach
  • Enables a provider to “assign” specific modules for the patient to watch that further describes diagnosis and treatment recommendations

How do I enroll?

You can enroll 2 ways!

  1. Select the following link to sign up NOW!
  2. Speak with your provider as many have this program embedded in their offerings!

What is the Cost?

Module #1 – FREE TO ALL
Modules #2 – 12 – $599 or available through your provider