Amy Doneen featured as “trailblazer”

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Special News Update: Amy Doneen featured as “trailblazer” in heart attack prevention

Amy Doneen was featured in Sunday’s issue of the Spokesman Review in the LiveWELL magazine supplement. The September 23rd article is titled: “Trailblazing Nurse Practitioner Vows to Prevent Heart Attacks: Innovative Heart Health and Stroke Prevention Center Founded in Spokane.”

The article shares the story of the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center. It also stresses why Amy Doneen and co-founder, Dr. Bradley Bale, are such ardent believers in a model of care that focuses on prevention vs. reacting to cardiac problems. Creators of the BaleDoneen Method, Doneen and Dr. Bale are leading the way in heart attack and ischemic stroke prevention by using advanced cardiovascular disease detection techniques including: genetic testing, ultrasound measurement of major arteries, high-tech heart scans, and other specialized techniques.