Worried that a heart attack, stroke or dementia could loom in your future? The BaleDoneen Method’s new AHA (Arterial Health Assurance) for Life program can help you avoid these devastating conditions, even if you are at significant risk for developing them due to your family history or other factors. Drawing on the latest peer-reviewed science and the pioneering new medical specialty of “arteriology,” the program offers a proven method to protect your heart and brain health while also optimizing the wellness of all of the more than 60,000 miles of blood vessels that nourish every organ, muscle and tissue in your body.

AHAforLife is designed to protect, enhance and even save your life with a unique, precision-medicine approach to prevention that has been shown in two recent peer-reviewed studies to rapidly shrink and stabilize arterial plaque, helping patients avoid heart attacks and strokes, even if they have already suffered one or more of these events. The program includes a free, personalized risk assessment for arterial disease. It also provides a wealth of online tools and resources to support you step-by-step through our life-changing disease reversal and prevention method, practiced by thousands of healthcare providers around the world.

Saving Lives, Brains and Hearts with Precision Medicine

Every 43 seconds, someone in the U.S. has a heart attack. Every 65 seconds, an American develops dementia. And every four minutes, an American man or woman dies from a stroke. As discussed more fully on our new website www.AHAforLife.com, the wonderful news is that with the optimal care and the right lifestyle moves, arterial disease and its devastating complications (such as vascular dementia) are potentially preventable.

It takes more than the current standard of care to achieve these outcomes. BaleDoneen providers have been called “disease detectives” because they use advanced lab and imaging tests to provide a comprehensive, personalized assessment to directly check each patient for hidden signs of arterial disease or “red flags” that signal increased risk for developing it. Our evidence-based method also uses leading-edge therapies and interventions to ensure that you will not become one of the grim statistics.

Discover Your Arterial Disease Risk

On the AHAforLife website, you can access a free assessment to help you and your healthcare provider identify your key areas for arterial disease risk. Complete the assessment and we will send your personalized report right to your inbox!

We are also offering exclusive, free, instant access to the entire first module of the AHAforLife program: a series of powerful videos with potentially lifesaving information you’ve probably never heard before.

  • A powerful promise: How more than two decades of landmark research by the creators of the AHAforLife program, Drs. Bradley Bale and Amy Doneen, can help you live well, without fear of heart attack, stroke or other catastrophic complications of arterial disease.
  • How the cardiovascular “standard of care” is failing you and the entire U.S.
  • Your red flags — and what they mean for your health.
  • How most physicians are looking at the wrong markers to check for hidden disease risk.
  • How heart attacks and strokes really happen.
  • Why 50% of heart attacks and strokes happen to people with completely NORMAL cholesterol.
  • How healthy gums help prevent heart attacks, strokes and even Alzheimer’s disease.

 And that’s just the beginning of this program, which has been hailed by healthcare providers as “an incredible resource,” “the future of medicine” and “the only totally comprehensive program in the world for the prevention of this disease.” While arterial disease, heart attack and stroke continue to claim more lives each year than all forms of cancer combined, your story can be different — even if you are at significant risk.

 Visit the AHAforlife.com website today — and take the first step toward a brighter, more vibrant and healthier future! Become an active partner with your healthcare provider in protecting and optimizing your arterial wellness. And please share what you learn with your loved ones, to help us save and enhance lives.