Several exciting things have developed about which I would like to inform you.

I was asked by Larry King to be a member of an expert medical panel to discuss sudden cardiac death and how it can be prevented. This is being sponsored by the Larry King Cardiac Foundation and will occur September 22, 2008 from 10 am to 11 am CST. The venue will be Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. There will be approximately 200 people in the audience which will be mainly comprised of public health officials and physicians. Larry King will be the moderator and it will be in honor of his dear deceased friend Tim Russert. The event will be taped for CNN and placed on their web site. Parts of the panel discussion will probably be broadcast on CNN. The panel will consist of: Dr. Robert Superko (no information needed about him as you all know him well and know he is one of my mentors and heroes), Dr. Annebelle Volgman the Medical Director of the Heart Center for Women at Rush U. Med. Center, Dr. Betsy Nabel the Director of the US National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (a world leader in basic and clinical research on CAD and MI) and me. I am obviously honored to be part of this distinguished panel and excited to be part of this important platform to discuss CV prevention. There is a CV prevention revolution afoot and this should help the cause.

On the same day in Washington, DC, my partner Amy Doneen will be participating in a national thought leader conference regarding CIMT testing. She will be one of a small distinguished panel with others like Dr. Agaston, Dr. Allen Taylor and Dr. Jim Stein.

Later that week, we both will be in DC as members of a distinguished international steering committee regarding moving CIMT further into the clinical arena. Amy and I both will be scheduled to provide testimony regarding our clinical perspective of its utility.

We are also co-authoring a book for the public which we feel will be well received and a vital catalyst for the CV prevention movement. We anticipate significant national and international distribution. It will be available some time in 2009.

There are lots of other exciting developments occurring as well but the above is enough to relate at this time.

We greatly appreciate your support and realize none of this would be happening without your help and the many wonderful patients we have been privileged to serve. We consider all of you on the front lines with us. The revolution will prevail to the benefit of mankind.

Thank you very much. Humbly yours,