In Memoriam – Dr. Lloyd Rudy, Jr.

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In Memoriam

Lloyd William Rudy, Jr.,  (6/21/1934 – 4/22/2012) a wonderful husband, father, brother, grandfather, and friend passed away on Sunday, April 22, 2012.  He was an exceptional cardiac surgeon who dedicated his life to helping those around him.  We send our condolences to his family, wife Kathi and their six children, Kelly, Scott, Kurt, Brett, Kristin, and Alex.

Many of you may know Dr. Lloyd Rudy from his attendance at many BaleDoneen Method Reunions and Preceptorships.  In retirement, he was medical liaison for the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Clinic in Spokane.  He was also a pioneer in quantifying surgical procedures that led to drastically increasing the survival rate of heart patients and was the surgeon who had the nerve and skill to pull out a clot during an active heart attack to prove, for the first time, that it is a thrombus that blocks the flow of blood and not the buildup of cholesterol plaque in the artery.  He forever changed the course of medicine.

Lloyd had an immense energy and love for life that is truly rare.  Those of us who had the privilege to know him will miss him dearly.