Physician Pioneers New Platform for Treating Cardiovascular Disease

Carol General News

In 1975, Bradley Bale, MD, an avid skier and mountain climber, bought into a company that began pioneering helicopter skiing in Canada. He and his colleagues skied mountains no human being had ever skied before.

“When you’re the first one, it’s kind of like a gold mine,” Bale recalls. “It’s your mountain.”

Bale has since sold the very successful company, but he has not stopped pioneering. A leading specialist in preventing heart attacks, stroke, and diabetes, Bale recently co-authored Beat the Heart Attack Gene with Amy Doneen, MSN, ARNP, to spread the word that all strokes and heart attacks are potentially preventable.

“We wrote the book to change healthcare,” Bale says. “And it’s going to take the public to get us there.”

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