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At DHE we know that you want to be a skilled and knowledgeable oral systemic dental provider. In order to do that, you need training that is focused exclusively on oral systemic care. The problem is that there is so much training out there that makes oral-systemic just a part of the training that it doesn’t take a deep enough dive for you to become an expert, which makes you feel ill-equipped to be the oral-systemic provider your patients deserve. We believe clinicians serve their patients best when they truly understand how the mouth is connected to the rest of the body. We understand many of our clients have felt frustrated trying to implement oral-systemic care into practice because of how difficult it is to find exclusive training and support you need to integrate a system like the BaleDoneen method into your dental practice. Which is why we have created training and resources that have helped thousands of clinicians become confident and knowledgeable at integrating oral-systemic care into practice. We understand how hard it is to implement clinical knowledge into practice, let us be your guide. Call us today to learn how easy it is to get started.

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Growth Mindset Dental Consultants is a dental practice management company deeply rooted in team development, oral systemic health, biological dentistry, and the BaleDoneen Method.  Our patients are their healthiest when ALL of these methods are combined.  Our training will ensure that you are an expert in not only oral systemic medicine, but biological dentistry as well.  Incorporating new processes and procedures can be a daunting task if done incorrectly.  We take the guesswork out of what works.  Our packages are designed for team retention, to provide superior education, and facilitate collaboration between dental and healthcare practitioners, both traditional and functional, while maximizing profitability.  We give you every possible tool you need for each member of your team (front office, assistants, hygienists and doctors) to implement oral-systemic and biologic philosophies into your practice.  We are the ultimate concierge practice management company you need to take your practice to new heights of success and awareness.  After years of practicing in successful oral systemic dental practices, we know the secrets to success, and the smoothest means of implementation .  As a team, we live and breathe oral systemic health, biological dentistry and team development and can’t wait to share our knowledge with you.  Are you ready to take the leap and begin building your dream?

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The PDS® business model enables owner dentists to lead their own clinical practice and make their own treatment decisions, while PDS team members provide the support to manage everything on the business end. The result is top-notch care that leads to healthier, happier patients.

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When you call TRG Coaching, a coach will conduct a brief telephone interview to establish your most immediate needs. During that conversation, a date will be set for a coach to spend a day in your practice fully evaluating the practice history, examining how your office functions from scheduling to hygiene, enrollment to marketing, and financial management to profitability.

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