President Clinton’s recidivistic disease

The following article was printed yesterday regarding President Bill Clinton’s recidivistic event.  We feel it necessary to comment on Dr. Yancy’s statements below.

Clinton undergoes angioplasty

Doctors say former president, who underwent a quadruple bypass in September 2004, had a clogged artery.


Two stents resembling tiny mesh scaffolds were placed inside the artery as part of a procedure that is common for people with severe heart disease.NEW YORK — Former President Bill Clinton, who had quadruple bypass surgery more than five years ago, was hospitalized Thursday to have a clogged heart artery opened after he […]

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Dr. Bale to be on Larry King Live

Several exciting things have developed about which I would like to inform you.

I was asked by Larry King to be a member of an expert medical panel to discuss sudden cardiac death and how it can be prevented. This is being sponsored by the Larry King Cardiac Foundation and will occur September 22, 2008 from 10 am to 11 am CST. The venue will be Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. There will be approximately 200 people in the audience which will be mainly comprised of public health officials and physicians. Larry King will be the moderator and it will […]

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