Session 1 Jan-2022 Q&A Follow-up Questions

apoB ApoA1 ratio predictive of CAD severity

Effect of bergamot on lipid profile in humans A systematic review

apoB should be the marker of atherogenic risk apoB for risk assessment 2016 editorial

apoB should be target for lipid therapy 2021

apoB or nonHDL in adolescence predicts CAD risk

hscTn a strong predictor of silent significant CAD editorial 102021

hscTnT and skeletal myopathies

hscTnT elevations may be due to OSA

Bergamot effect on lipoproteins in patients with metabolic syndrome

hscTn significantly enhances CV risk assessment in standard cholesterol risk estimate

hscTn can be elevated in CAD without ischemia

Bergamot reducing cholesterol and CV disease markers

Bergamot double blind trail lipid and visceral and waist improvement

hscTn a challenge in pts with CKD editorial

hs-cTn false positive 2017

hscTnT genetic influence on levels and assoc with AF 112021

salt restriction improves BP and MACR in IR pts

MACR is related to endo dysfunciton and CKD in CAD

MACR independent predictor

MACR can increase with exercise

MACR cut points men and women for CV risk

MACR can elevate with sickle cell and CKD

MACR influenced by processing delays and storage temp

MACR daily variability