The BaleDoneen Method®

Heart attacks and ischemic strokes are preventable, but it takes more than medicine’s current standard of care. It takes the superior care of the BaleDoneen Method.

The BaleDoneen Method offers an exceptional two day course on our method for health care providers.  Further information on this is available by clicking on BaleDoneen Resources and then clicking Provider Resources.

There are nine foundational elements of the BaleDoneen Method which necessitate a paradigm shift in cardiovascular disease prevention:


EDUCATION: Delivering patient education regarding the realities of arterial disease sets the foundation for effective prevention.  It is essential to have a basic understanding of what happens at the time of a heart attack or stroke.  We refer to heart attacks and strokes as ‘events’.

DISEASE: Finding out who actually has disease (cholesterol build up) in their arteries is very important.  This is a prerequisite for an event.  Treatment decisions should be based on this information and the disease should be monitored over time.

FIRE: Events are triggered when the disease becomes inflamed (fire).  Determining and monitoring the inflammation is extremely critical. CAT IN THE GUTTER is the term used in a cartoon format to illustrate the danger lurking for patients who are unaware that they have damaging inflammation in the wall of their arteries and the CAT is ready to jump out and cause an event.

ROOTS: Identifying the root cause of arterial disease is an essential step. Without this knowledge the disease smolders until there frequently is another event.  Using techniques perfected through the BaleDoneen Method, we can determine the root causes and halt the disease.

OPTIMAL: Setting optimal goals for modifying risk factors, rather than goals set by the standard of care, is necessary.  The standard of care has legal implications and is adequate to prevent a law suit, but may not be good enough to prevent an ‘event’.  It is somewhat akin to getting a ‘C’ versus an ‘A’ in school.  In the business of preventing heart attacks and strokes, we need to strive for A’s.

GENES: Rendering care that is individualized (as opposed to treating people as the average) produces superior results.  You cannot get any more personal than your genetic make-up.  The BaleDoneen Method has utilized genetic testing for over a decade.  Genetics is the future of medicine and our method stays on the cutting edge of this rapidly evolving field of medicine.


INDIVIDUAL Management:  The above six elements are combined to design a very personalized treatment program.  Each patient is regarded as a unique precious individual requiring therapies designed specifically for them.

RISK Factor Response:  The risk factors targeted for management in each patient are monitored.  Adjustments are made to strive for optimal control of every treated issue.

ASSESSMENT of Disease Response:  Annual arterial structural testing is performed to insure the therapies are having a positive effect on the atherosclerotic disease process.  This, after all, is an extremely important goal to insure our ultimate purpose which is to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

The BaleDoneen Method has coined an acronym to remember these nine ingredients: EDFROG-IRA