Prior to Collection: 

Please be well hydrated and warm up your fingers. Generally, running hands under warm water will help with blood flow in the hands; also moving around for about five minutes prior to the draw. The ring finger is a great finger to pull the collection from as it is generally not as calloused as the rest of the fingers.This is important because for some people, if they are slightly dehydrated, cold, or anxious they can have a hard time producing a sample.

Collecting the Sample:

The lancet should be firmly pressed into the middle-side of the finger. Not in the middle, due to the nerves there and not too close to the side because it’s more difficult to produce the amount of blood required there. Please see the picture below. Ideally, avoid choosing a spot that is either too close to the tip of the finger or are too close to the side. If possible, avoid squeezing your finger to get the drops required as that can affect the blood sample. If you have to squeeze the finger to get the collection started, it should be just above the knuckle.

Location of finger prick: