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    Dear Larry, Cheri, Eric, Mike, Rich, Ralph, Rob, Tushar, and Tom,

    I sent an email with the schedule and initial information attached. I will place the information here also and we can discuss in this forum as you wish.

    6 Steps to BaleDoneen Method (BDM) Practice Success
    For the Elite Group – Practice Advantage Members

    The purpose of this course is to provide the support you and your team need to either establish the BDM in your practice or take your current BDM practice to the next level. You may participate in this course with much or little involvement – whatever you need and desire. For example, you may simply follow along, ask questions, give input, and/or provide support to others in the group. But you may choose 1 to 2 new patients and put them through EDFROG as a part of this course. For those who want more experience “EDFROG-ING” patients we want to walk through the steps with you. Together we will take the patient(s) from education all the way through EDFROG with testing, collaboration, Comprehensive Risk Assessment (CRA) consultation and action plan. Between now and the first module, please begin thinking about 1 or 2 patients (or yourself or a team member) to put through EDFROG. The patient(s) will need to sign up, pay you (we can discuss pricing options for your BDM program on our first meeting), have blood, urine, saliva collected by January 15 (in order to have labs results back for discussion and prep), complete the history form, obtain medical records or sign your medical record release form and may need additional dental evaluation and testing depending on whom they have seen for dental care in the previous six months. The patient(s) will also need to have a CIMT – either previously (within the last 6 months) or between now and January 15th. We can discuss options for getting the CIMT performed.

    The Module worksheets will be sent out on Wednesdays on the following dates:

    December 12
    Module #1 Solid Foundation

    Between December 12 and January 2, I would like to have a phone or ZOOM meeting with each one of you individually (and any team members you want to include) to discuss the course, your current status with your BDM practice, current needs, and goals. We will discuss topics from module #1 such as structure of your BDM practice, pricing, team member roles, components needed, forms, scheduling, etc…. If you are already established, we will use this time to discuss any needs/goals you wish to achieve over the next 6 to 8 week time frame.
    I will reach out to schedule a meeting time.

    January 2
    Module #2 Testing

    January 9
    Module #3 CIMT

    January 16
    Module #4 Preparation for the Comprehensive Risk Assessment (CRA) Consultation

    January 23
    Module #5 Delivering the CRA Consultation

    January 30
    Module #6 Exclusive Care

    Between January 2 and January 30, we will have scheduled group meetings (recorded for those who cannot attend) and individual meetings as desired.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Regarding the above Post of the 6 steps of BDM success can this be repeated??
    Michael Mattice MD

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