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    In January and February of 2019 I did simultaneous testing of a dozen patients. What we found was that Oravital picked up several more high risk pathogens in each of the patients! Plus Oravital treats the problem differently. Of course they all get 3D Cones, and endodontic/ oral surgery referral if needed, then seen a RDH for deep planing and root scaling and perio-charting and then are also given a compounded set of antibiotics, yeast etc, specific to the patients pathogens, And they do not swallow it but swish it around in their mouth for 30 seconds 3-4 times a day for 10-14 days and spit it out, then 10 days chlorhexidine, same way and lastly a specific mouthwash without ETOH but it does have xylitol. Then a 4-5 month course of a dilute bleach rinse, ALA Dr Thompson discussion at the Atlanta preceptorship. Then retest with OraVital. Any thoughts? Barb?? Larry? Brad or Amy??

    Michael Mattice

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