What is AHAforLife?

In 2019, BaleDoneen developed an education program titled: AHAforLife (Arterial Health Assurance for Life) that provides consumers / patients with easy to understand educational modules regarding the BaleDoneen Method.

Why was the program created?

The program was created to assist you, the Provider,  in educating the patient about the BaleDoneen Method.  The objectives of the program are as follows:

  • Easily and effectively introduce the BaleDoneen Method
  • Provide tools and content to educate patients on the BaleDoneen Method.
  • Enables the Provider to “assign” specific modules for the patient to watch that further describe diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

The AHAforLife Program is accompanied with a Patient Kit that includes various products that are all associated with the method including: Blood Pressure cuff, and Oral Health Kit, BaleDoneen Sample Supplements, Tape Measure, and the book “Beat the Heart Attack Gene” to name a few.

More importantly, 13 modules are included in the comprehensive program as follows:

Module 1 The Basics of Arteriology
Module 2 How Do We Find Disease
Module 3 Inflammation: The Fire Within
Module 4 Discovering Your Arterial Disease Root Causes
Module 5 Defining Your Optimal Goals
Module 6 The Real Story About Your Genes
Module 7 Lifestyle
Module 8 Nutritional Supplements
Module 9 Secondary and Tertiary Pharmaceuticals
Module 10 Special Considerations: Cholesterol
Module 11 Special Considerations: Insulin Resistance
Module 12 Special Considerations: Hypertension
Module 13 Congratulations! Now What?

The first module, offered at no charge, includes several lessons that total approximately 1 hour of content and explain the method and how it can ensure against an event like a heart attack or stroke.

A risk assessment or quiz is also available to encourage the consumer to discover potential risks that they may possess.

While education is a critical component to the BaleDoneen Method, we recognize that, given the content available online today, patients are reluctant to make the time commitment to education without a clearly defined outcome.  Like most people, once they consider the science behind the method and better understand its’ proven claims, they what to know more.  And the next question at bay is: “Am I ok?”

How do I offer to patients?

The most effective way to offer the program to patients is by including it as part of your care/treatment offering.  While the patient can purchase independently, it is intended to augment the Provider offerings.

What is the Cost?

  • Module #1 – FREE TO ALL
  • Modules #2 – 12 Please contact BaleDoneen for pricing options and volume discounts