The Science behind the Method

The BaleDoneen Method (BDM) enhances and saves lives by offering a CURE for arterial disease!  It is a science-based methodology designed to establish arterial wellness.  Clinical application not only prevents symptomatic heart attacks and ischemic strokes, but also the more common asymptomatic arterial damage.  These more prevalent silent injuries lead to the many chronic diseases of aging such as dementia, heart failure, kidney failure, peripheral artery disease, erectile dysfunction and visual impairment.  Achieving arterial health is necessary to maintain wellness throughout life.  The BDM provides an opportunity for individuals to have a health span that matches their lifespan.

Peer-reviewed studies have verified that the evidence-based, precision-medicine approach of the BDM  halts, stabilizes and regresses arterial disease.    This has been demonstrated in both primary and secondary prevention patients.  The BDM reaches beyond the standard of care by assessing everyone for the presence of arterial disease since that is a requirement for having risk for symptomatic and asymptomatic heart attacks and strokes, also called events. Inflammation of the arteries is routinely assessed as that is the cause of disease and is what triggers the events. The plethora of conditions which can generate inflammation are optimally managed precisely for each patient utilizing genetics.  These actions extinguish the inflammation allowing the arteries to heal.  Analysis of the arteries in patients treated by the BDM demonstrate resolution of active disease and features of health.

Included in this section are the publications that support the validity of the BaleDoneen Method, as well as, key publications authored by the co-founders of the BDM.